BrainTrust harnesses the power of inter-generational knowledge to create meaningful two-way mentorship

BrainTrust creates a forum where Boomers and Millenials can interact with one another in an engaging way

Mentorship partners are established and asked to work together to develop a unique concept that will be presented to the BrainTrust group as well as the Cincinnati Community

The pitching of the idea is the culmination of the partnership and showcases the way in which the intergenerational group has worked together

Learn from someone with a radically new perspective

Boomers will understand why the Millennials act the way they do—through firsthand experience and open dialogue, one’s perceived notions of behavior can be changed

Millennials will learn how to approach Boomers in a more productive way and appreciate the experience the Boomers have to share

Both Boomers and Millennials are exposed to new ideas that will inspire fresh ways of thinking, and establishing a collaborative, enriching relationship

Work in a new and challenging way that makes you Break free from your comfort zone

Most mentorship programs are based on an unequal balance of power. BrainTrust creates a dynamic where both generations are equally valued and the transition of knowledge is reciprocal.

Both generations understand one another’s unique perspective, allowing for a deeper appreciation of what motivates them and how they work.

Come join us for an enlightening experience. Push yourself to discover something new.

Where BrainTrust got its Jump Start

By the year 2020 there will be an unprecedented five generations in the workforce. The two largest projected demographics of that makeup: Millennials (46%) and Baby Boomers (24%). This brings to light our main observation – the parent-child paradox. How can we get two seemingly polar opposite generations to work together so that we might improve communication and innovation in the creative industries?

After all, the Baby Boomers will be exiting the workforce eventually, taking their experience and expertise with them. Understanding that our collective creativity will suffer if that knowledge is not passed to their successors, we aim to “bridge the gap” and find ways to ensure a continued connectedness amongst the ages.

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